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Apostle Felix and Sara Nyariki are the directors of Tree of Life Ministries in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. They are pastors of the Getonto church which serves as a central point for several Tree of Life churches in the region of East Africa. In addition to providing oversight to the churches, they also oversee King’s Mercy Academy, a school that provides education for orphaned and impoverished children, who would otherwise have no means of affording an education. Apostle Felix has a tremendous burden for the gospel of Christ to reach the unreached. 



Apostle Felix Nyariki Achuka

P.O. Box 56, Nyamarambe,

40206, Kenya, Africa

Ph: 254 715 729 273

Email: revfelixministrieskenya@yahoo.com


King’s Mercy Academy, a school created to provide education for orphaned and impoverished children in Kenya, has been given a deadline of January 2021 to meet new building code requirements as mandated by the government of Kenya or face being shut down. 

Last year (2019), several schools in Kenya experienced structural accidents in which the buildings collapsed killing quite a few school children. Consequently, the government has now implemented stringent building code measures for all schools requiring that these school buildings be solid concrete structures; any failure to do so will result in the closure of these facilities. Unfortunately, this particular school is located in a very poor area and needs as much help as possible to rebuild.

Research has shown that poverty impacts education in Kenya more than in many other places around the world, and children need education to help them grow personally and rise out of poverty. Without King’s Mercy Academy these orphaned and impoverished children have no means of affording an education. Currently, there are approximately 284 children in attendance in the school; as a result, the new facility will need at least eight (8) classrooms, two (2) offices, and six (6) bathrooms mandated by the government to be built out of concrete blocks and cement and not the traditional mud and wood. 

Kings Mercy Academy was started by Tree of Life Ministries Kenya, an affiliate organization of Tree of Life Ministries International.

Please help us build this school to the standards required by the government of Kenya so that these orphaned children will not be denied an education and forfeit the opportunity of making a better life for themselves. 
Having visited the location on two (2) separate occasions I have firsthand knowledge of the struggles and the hardship endured by the children and the people of this region. 

We have only been able to raise funds from local resources to cover a part of one (1) classroom and currently there is no additional funding available.  Based on the escalated timeline by the government, we are reaching out to you for assistance.  Without further help, the Mercy Academy will be shut down forever.  This GoFundMe goal would cover building materials and labor, and allow the building to be constructed by the required government-regulated time frame.  

We appreciate your help in this extremely important endeavor. ALL donations will go directly towards the construction of the new Mercy Academy building, be in compliance with the government regulations, and meet the January 2021 deadline. 
Thank you in advance.  Stay tuned for updates.


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