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Students at TOLMI Distance Learning are expected to exhibit the highest level of academic citizenship. In particular, students are expected to read and follow all policies, procedures, and program information guidelines contained in publications; pursue their learning goals with honesty and integrity; demonstrate that they are progressing satisfactorily and in a timely fashion by meeting course deadlines and following outlined procedures; observe a code of mutual respect in dealing with mentors, staff, and other students; behave in a manner consistent with the standards and codes of the profession in which they are practicing; keep official records updated regarding changes in name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address; and meet financial obligations in a timely manner. Students not practicing good academic citizenship may be subject to suspension from the class.


TOLMI Distance Learning believes strongly in the priesthood of all believers... e.g., that each and every believer can and should learn how to hear God's voice clearly, develop intimacy with God and grow in their spiritual gifting’s and anointing’s to do the things Jesus did. We are dedicated to "make disciples" in every land and nation ... to assist people in learning to walk out the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every area of their day-to-day lives, so that they may become mature in Christ and successfully fulfill the destiny that God ordained for their life. This is why a large portion of our ministry is dedicated to training and equipping believers to be effective in advancing God's kingdom. We de-sire to teach people to discern what the Father is doing so that they might do it with Him.



A. W. Tozer

PRAYER - Communion with God in everything

Prayer combines the best of Tozer on prayer into one volume. Tozer was captured by the great wonder of God, and he regarded prayer as the primary means of coming into His presence. But if our everyday life is filled with the barrenness of busyness and there is no serious urgency to pray, we forfeit the wonder of being conformed to the image of Christ and knowing our God more intimately—the true Christian life.

Prayer is doable. God is accessible. And Tozer provides the wisdom and encouragement to help us encounter Him daily. With commentary and reflection questions provided by compiler W.L. Seaver, Prayer takes our understanding of prayer to new depths and helps us have a life that prays.



New believer? learn the foundation.

This book was written as a basic foundational tool for new believers. It is especially recommended for use in personal evangelism, home study, and church groups for new believers.


Image by Aaron Burden

We will be expanding our training and resources to the following areas:

  • Learning to discern God's voice

  • The Prophetic

  • Prayer and intercession

  • Developing intimacy with God

  • Learning to grow and develop in your spiritual gifts and to move with God in His power

  • Learning to walk out the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every area of our lives


Director - Nancy Wachtel

"As believers, we desire to know God and His ways. But in order for us to be renewed in our minds and actions, our hearts must have the imprint of God on it. There are veil layers on our hearts that need to be continually pulled back, layer upon layer. Our spiritual eyes need to be opened and enlightened before we can understand the spiritual things contained in the Word of God. May God grant you the wisdom and understanding you seek as you pray that He opens the eyes of your understanding."

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