Reaching into the nations is a core objective of our ministry. Our travels so far have taken us into many nations including Brazil, Poland, Hungary, Kenya, Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados and St Vincent.  We currently support outreach initiatives to orphans in Haiti and Kisii, Kenya. We endeavor first and foremost to bring the gospel of the kingdom,  in addition to assisting with other needs in the form of food, clothing, medical care and housing. We are mindful of the words of Christ that when we have done this to the least of these our brethren, we have done it unto Him.

Our Call to the Nations

    The Importance of Global Outreach


What should define culture for a believer comes out of the Word of God. Since the fall of man in Genesis chapter three God has been involved in a program of counter culture missions. From the instant of the fall, the earth suddenly came under the domain of Satan. He became known as the god of the age, the prince of the power of the air, and the earth became his domain. The thinking on the earth became known as cosmic thinking, from the Greek word KOSMOS [kosmoj] which has to do with an orderly, systematic approach to life. What Satan is developing in human history is a systematic, orderly approach to life that excludes God and God’s value system as the foundation for everything in life; therefore he is developing his own culture. That is what the Bible calls worldliness, and the believer is called to not conform to the world, to any of the cosmic cultures on the planet but to be transformed by the renewing of, our minds (Romans 12:2). So in a general sense every believer is involved in this counter culture movement but that comes under the category of being an ambassador for Jesus Christ. As part of our ambassadorship we are all supposed to be engaged in witnessing to some level or another.  (Biblical Foundation)

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